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Happy Chocolate is a shared journey

The Happy Chocolate journey started over 12 years ago, with a trip to an isolated village in the Amazon river basin of Ecuador. While there, I saw the potential power cacao held to create more opportunities for locals to transform their own lives. For the better. For the long term. I started to use the term "Happy Chocolate" to represent the way forward that could not only engage the end taster in the magic of delicious chocolate, but care for all the hearts and hands that touched the cacao and chocolate on it's way to you! I started leading trips to visit cacao growers and chocolate makers, so that I can give you a glimpse into what Happy Chocolate can look like, how it can change lives, and how it can be a powerful tool to create change! If you can't come on a trip, you can still get a sense for what we learned and loved, watch our mini-documentaries to learn more. Here is Nicaragua, next up: Cuba!

You can also shop for Happy Chocolate right here, through The Chocolate Garage's online market. Or come see us in person in Palo Alto, CA, during our weekly Saturday Farmer's Market.

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