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New releases

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Recent Releases

For a listing of past special releases, see Garage Releases!

Rogue Chocolatier

Notes: Star fruit, tobacco, spices

Carefully fermented, Jamaican cacao combined with Colin's unique, hands-on approach creates one of the purest, smoothest bars imaginable. > more

The Nēnē 71%
Lonohana Estate Chocolate Company

Notes: Buttery, Light Floral, Earth

The Nēnē is endemic to Hawaii and reminds us that sometimes our most cherished things are fleeting. > more

The Nēnē Milk
Lonohana Estate Chocolate Company

Notes: Cremy, Floral, Deep

The Nēnē Milk shows us that the way forward to shaping a new microcosm will require comfort. > more

El Vigia 70%
SOMA Chocolate Maker

Notes: Cashews, Cream and Raisins

David and Cynthia are at the root of all that is beatiful, delicious, and happy at SOMA. > more

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                <p><strong>Lemongrass - Ginger</strong><br/>
                    Patric Chocolate</p>
                <p><strong>Notes:</strong> Lemongrass, Ginger, Creamy</p>
                <p>First, bring the square of chocolate to your nose and smell the Lemongrass. And the warm ginger.  
                    <a href="makers/patric.html#1"> > more</a></p>