Unfortunately, The Chocolate Garage has closed. 


The best bean to bar chocolate you can find anywhere. Period.

The Chocolate Garage (a.k.a. Chocolate Dividends, LLC) is no longer accepting new members.

By supporting The Chocolate Garage you are helping to change the ecosystem of chocolate and build businesses that are built on openness, trust, and honesty. We commit to bringing you the finest, hand crafted chocolates from around the world in a manner that respects and values all of the people involved, from You (the taster) to the Chocolate Maker to the Cacao Farmer. We research, taste, and build relationships with makers on your behalf so that you can be assured of the integrity and quality of anything you purchase through The Chocolate Garage.

We believe that the money you pay for high quality, small batch foods should go directly to the craftspeople and farmers who make it. By paying a monthly premium, Members can purchase these amazing bars at our cost, far below normal retail prices. They can be sure that the money they spend on chocolate is going directly to the makers and growers. With free tasting hours and events, members can also be sure that they will love any chocolate they purchase. Membership also means that The Chocolate Garage can provide a unique place for you to come taste, explore, and purchase these wonderful bars with a community that cares about quality. We also offer online ordering and local, same-day delivery exclusively for members for those times when you can't get to the Garage.

The Chocolate Garage Guiding Principles

Be Friendly. Be Generous. Be Thoughtful. And Listen, especially to your tastebuds.

The Chocolate Garage Membership Agreement

Our promise to you: Curation, Connection, Convenience, and Value

We strive to bring you the very best, 'Happy Chocolate' - delicious bars made by people who respect and value the growers and the environment. We invite you to visit the Garage to try these bars and take the time to get to know you and your tastes. We build relationships with the makers and create opportunities for you to meet them and understand their craft. We work directly with makers to source the best ingredients and create special, Garage Editions that are tailored to your tastes, interests, and values.

Membership Pricing

Prices for members are as low as possible. Making Happy Chocolate is more time consuming and expensive than the commodity chocolate that most people know. Like you, we want to make sure that the chocolate maker and cacao farmer get paid for their careful work and have an incentive to focus on quality over quantity. That's why our member prices reflect only the costs of the goods, transportation, and handling.

Of course, we also need to pay the costs of having a tasting room and for our amazing staff's dedication and endless heart in making sure you have great experiences. That's why we ask you to pay a separate, monthly fee. We believe this is both more fair than the industry norm of adding large markups and better aligns us to represent and serve your interests.

Member Services: Chocolate On Demand, Delivered, and Special Events

In addition to visiting The Chocolate Garage during open tasting hours (Saturday mornings), we invite members to email, call, or order online whenever they need chocolate. We will do the best we can to open up the Garage for you during regular work hours within an hour of getting your message (advance notice is appreciated).

We are also developing a platform for online ordering and same day pickup or delivery. Place your order before 11 am, on a weekday and your chocolate will be delivered within 15 miles of The Chocolate Garage, that same day. For those further from the Garage, we will choose the best shipping method available. Delivery and shipping will be an additional cost.

Most importantly, you will receive invitations to special events, tasting panels, and other opportunities to participate in ways of reshaping the chocolate industry. From release parties to maker events and trips to cacao growing regions, we are constantly looking for ways to create great experiences for you that help strengthen the supply chain for Happy Chocolate.

What we ask of You: Membership, Honesty, and Consideration

Members pay $27 a month which is automatically charged to a card on file. Membership continues on a month to month basis until you advise us that you wish to cancel your membership. At which point we will question your sanity (and taste buds!) and warn you that it is very hard to go back to unhappy chocolate! We will reluctantly say "goodbye" and ask you if somehow our curation was not up to your standards.

Membership is intended for an individual or a family residing at the same address. The Chocolate Garage may allow purchases by additional designated chocolate loving persons at our discretion. We want to encourage you to buy Happy Chocolate as gifts for friends but if they're purchasing chocolate from you on a regular basis, they really should become members to share in the costs of creating the Garage for you. Resale of chocolate or other goods purchased at membership prices is not allowed.

The Chocolate Garage reserves the right to limit the number of bars that you may purchase in any given month depending on your level of passion for a bar, length of membership, the weather, supply of bars, or other factors. In general, we understand how folks fall deeply in love with certain bars, and need to hoard for times of great need. In general, we will not stand between you and your favorite bars, but there may be times where we need to make an intervention and help you buy less and give others a chance! ;)

The Chocolate Garage reserves the right to terminate membership at any time. We put our trust in you and work to serve your interests. We will notify you and, at our discretion, terminate your membership if we determine that you are violating the spirit of this agreement or behaving in a way that detracts from the experience of other members.