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Future chocolate

At The Chocolate Garage we believe that creating great chocolate requires a new approach of bringing together cacao growers, bean to bar makers, and YOU into a virtuous cycle. Your choices truly do matter.

You help create more Happy Chocolate by buying Future Chocolate!
Future Chocolate is a pre-funded account at The Chocolate Garage. You use this account to buy any of our Happy Chocolate at a discount. Signing up for auto-renew gives you full access to our special member nights and release parties where we sample the latest Garage Releases, learn more about the story behind each bar, and provide feedback to makers.

Crafting the most flavorful chocolate requires very small batch sizes crafted from the best cacao. We use Future Chocolate to provide guarantees to the best artisan makers that if they source cacao aligned with the principles of Happy Chocolate, and make a great bar, we'll buy the whole batch. In return, we are guaranteed high quality, Happy Chocolate, much of it not available to the public. A win-win!

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