Unfortunately, The Chocolate Garage has closed. 


The Chocolate Garage

The Chocolate Garage is both an idea and a place

The idea is that you can shape the future by choosing what you love.

Unlike the candy most people know as chocolate, small batch, bean-to-bar makers create an amazingly wide range of amazing flavors and textures to delight even the most discerning palates. Through our tasting events and origin trips and other programs, we connect you to these hand-crafted products that require direct relationships between small growers, microbatch makers, and people like you who love chocolate.

Whether it’s a grower choosing to plant the more flavorful, heirloom cacao trees that require a diverse rainforest, a maker paying more for carefully fermented beans, or you choosing to purchase small batch bars, each step in the process creates opportunities and incentives to have communities flourish and to create healthier environments.

We call this kind of chocolate Happy Chocolate.

The place is a garage in downtown Palo Alto that has been converted into a welcoming tasting room brimming with the best bean-to-bar creations from around the world. You’ll find outstanding chocolate from Rogue, Patric, Madre, Momotombo, Grenada Chocolate Company, Bar Au Chocolat, Charm School Chocolate, Dandelion, Bonnat, Fruition, Francois Pralus, Ritual, Sirene, SOMA, Marou and many others. We also partner with select makers to create small batches of exceptional bars that are exclusive to The Chocolate Garage.

Sunita de Tourreil

I grew up outside of Montreal, where my happiest memories revolve around sharing food and flavor at family dinner parties. My Swiss dad and Indian mom taught me to think about where tropical bananas came from, and how much the farmer got paid. After grad school, I worked with the world expert on the human form of mad cows disease. But I never forgot the lens through which I was taught to look at the world.

Now, ten years later, my kids think I have the greatest job. I taste chocolate. Every day. Many times a day! They are right. I do have the greatest job, but not for the reasons they think.

My kids don’t yet know about child slave labor and commodity cacao, or the crushing poverty that most cacao farmers experience. They are slowly learning, adventuring to Nicaragua with me in March 2016, where they will see a more optimistic example of the de-commodification of cacao with in-country production and premium cacao. But one day when they learn about the brutality of child labor and very dark side of this commodity, I will be able to explain why I chose to make this my life's work. To bring change to this traditionally abusive and extractive supply chain.

More than a decade after leaving mad cows for happy chocolate, together with our amazing community and the best chocolate makers… We are bringing change to chocolate.